Margaritas & Murder: Sunny Truly #1

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margaritas-murder-tour-imageWhen her little sister’s best friend is accused of murder, rumpled apprentice investigator Sunny Truly is determined to find the real killer. Unfortunately, the accused is in a coma when the novel opens, so Sunny can’t ask her what happened. Instead, Sunny has to use all her PI training and every trick available to her to find out what happened and figure out the murderer.

This has all the usual cozy mystery hooks. Adorably rumpled Sunny Truly has to go undercover as a socialite to track down the murderer.  I thought the sisters’ relationship was natural and realistic, and that kept some of the more ridiculous aspects of the mystery grounded.  Author Cece Osgood offers enough misdirections and red herrings to keep readers guessing until the very end.

The supporting cast steals the show in this one. Sure, yeah, Sunny’s great, and this is described as the first Sunny Truly novel, so we’ll be seeing more of her. But it was the ensemble that really made this novel. From Sunny’s boss, Sam, the aging gentleman investigator, or Dahlia, the office manager with an unrequited crush, to a handsome cop-turned-stuntman ain), or Lila Truly, the lovable if sometimes annoying little sister, I’m hoping for more of the ensemble in future Sunny Truly adventures.

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