Wayan And The Turtle King

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My friend (and Taiwan roommate!) Yvette is releasing a children’s book, Wayan And The Turtle King. Yvette is a freediver, environmentalist and English teacher, and she’s combined all three in this magical children’s story.


Wayan And The Turtle King promo video on Biteable.

She’s releasing Wayan And The Turtle King in English and in Indonesian, in print and ebook, so that everyone can read the sweet story about a boy in the turtle kingdom, and the timely warning about plastic waste in the ocean.

The Kickstarter is live, starting today, so when you help fund the project or use the Kickstarter to buy a copy, you’re also supporting the spread of this message.

I hope you’ll support the Kickstarter to help more children read this sweet story about protecting our oceans.

from The Fiction Addiction http://ift.tt/2qjHozB


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