Reviewing Policy

Great! I’m excited that you’re interested in having me review your new book! I already have a NetGalley account, so let me know if your book is available there. I can receive eARCs formatted for Kindle or as a PDF, or get in touch to mail a paperback.

I use my ARC tag for everything that I’ve read as an ARC, but receiving an ARC does not guarantee I’ll review the book, or if I do, that I’ll review it positively. It does guarantee that I’ll read the book, but leaving a book lying around near me pretty much guarantees I’ll read it. I offer expedited reviews, which mean that I’ll review it, and post the review quickly.  All reviews posted here are my real opinion.

I include an Amazon link on all my reviews, so if a reader decides to buy the book, I’ll get a small commission. Actually, you can also just copy the title and request them from your local library and if lots of people come read my blog and everyone requests books every single time I post, then the public library might be able to stay open an extra hour or two, and that’s pretty great too.